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BuzzClick is your ideal advertising network for reaching cool pop culture consumers with disposable income. The surfers of BuzzClick member websites wear forward fashion, read genre books, enjoy nightlife, and buy music on the web. Past advertisers include Cargo Records, Cleopatra Records, Crown, Epitaph, Hot Topic, Lion's Gate Films, Lip Service, New Line Cinema, Penguin Putnam, White Wolf, and numerous other cutting edge clothing companies, studios, records labels, and book and comic book publishers. If you want to reach an alternative audience, email [email protected] to TEST2 find out how you can buy banner impressions starting at only $7 CPM. Targetting is available for gothic, punk, science fiction, horror, and other specific demographics.

Are you a Publisher?

If you run an established site which is appealing to a cool dedicated audience, contact [email protected] with your site name and location and information on how much traffic you receive each month. BuzzClick is extremely selective, so please be sure to tell us what is special about your online publication.