Ad Network

Network Benefits

The premium BuzzClick advertisements all rotate above the fold on publisher sites. This means that your banner will be visible to the surfer with no scrolling required.

With Buzzclick you always know exactly how many times you advertisement is going to appear to potential customers. Some sites sell indeterminate numbers of ad rotations by the month, but BuzzClick gives you exactly what you pay for. This is a plus, even when the surfer does not click, because branding is so important in the digital age. According to the August 2004 issue of Business Week, online branding is going to be one of the most important marketing tools of 2005.

With BuzzClick, you get to make the choice on whether you would like to be able to log into your ad campaign stats and check them in real time or receive emailed reports. You even get to choose how often you would like to receive emailed reports, if you prefer that option. Some banner networks keep your statistics a secret. BuzzClick believes you deserve to be able to see those stats any time you want to fine tune your marketing.

Please email to discuss special creative needs or goals. Banner design services are available if needed but will delay the launch of your ad campaign. You may also obtain free marketing advice on which of a your existing banners are likely to attract the best attention on BuzzClick publisher sites.