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Sizing Creative

Professional ad buyers can skip this section because your companies will have people who know this stuff inside out. However, BuzzClick caters to both hip big business and cool cottage industry. So, for those of you in basement punk bands who may be new to ad buying, here are instructions for creative.

Creative refers to the artwork used in an advertisement. Most BuzzClick advertisements are interactive advertising industry standard 468x60 interactive marketing units. They look like this:

The 468 refers to the number of pixels wide the banner must be. The 60 refers to the number of pixels high the banner must be. Most image processing programs will have a place to view both image size and canvas size. These will list what the pixel dimensions of your banner are. The expression pixel dimensions refers to the width and height of your graphic. Your ad creative for your BuzzClick campaign must be exactly 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. Width is sometimes denoted by the abbreviation h for horizontal, while height may be v for vertical. The easiest way to be sure you get the size correct is to download the yellow example banner above and open it up in Photoshop or whatever software package you are using for image processing and just paste your artwork onto it. You will need to save your advertisement graphic as either a GIF or a JPEG.

Why are their interactive advertising standards? Only having to make a few sizes of creative actually saves you resources. Imagine if, instead of being able to run your brilliantly designed banner on all two thousand plus BuzzClick publisher sites, you had to design a different sized banner for each site. It would be undoable or at least ridiculously time-consuming. Over time, depending on what you, our customers, tell us you want, BuzzClick may add additional officially standardized ad sizes to the menu of creative options. The 120x60 interactive marketing unit is most likely to be the next size available:

Remember: 468x60, GIF or JPEG. No other formats or sizes will be accepted at this time without special arrangement. Please email to discuss special creative needs or goals. Banner design services are available if needed but will delay the launch of your ad campaign. You may also obtain free marketing advice on which of a your existing banners are likely to attract the best attention on BuzzClick publisher sites.